What is tipblock?

To put it simply, tipblock is a service that allows you to block yourself from receiving tips and alerts from multiple tipsters with one simple click.

Why was tipblock created?

As tipsters, we have a duty of care to our followers and subscribers to ensure their gambling habits are healthy.  Many bookmakers have tools such as deposit limits, cool-offs and self-exclusions, but the unregulated tipster market has yet to follow suit. We understand that when you do have an issue with your gambling habits, the last thing you want to see is tips from tipsters plastered all over your social media.  By using tipblock, you will be blocked by all of the tipsters in our programme with the click of a button.

How do I tipblock myself?

It's easy to do, just click BLOCK ME above and fill in our online form and an alert will automatically be sent out to all of the tipsters listed on our contributors page.

How long will I be blocked for?

At the minute, we don't have the facilities to store any of the details that you send to us. That means that we won't be able to track dates and therefore your exclusion will never expire.  We are looking to improve this in the future to allow you to tipblock for a designated period of time.

I'm a tipster, how do I sign up?

If you're a tipster and you want to be a part of the tipblock programme, just contact XXXX@tipblock.me and we will get you sorted.