Terms & Conditions

For Customers

  1.  tipblock is not registered or licensed by any regulatory or official body

  2.  Whilst we maintain every effort to ensure you are blocked from all of the tipsters outlined on our contributors page, tipblock is not responsible for those individuals actions and holds no responsibility if the block is not completed by those individuals

  3.  tipblock does not guarantee that any refunds will be issued for any premium services that you have signed up to. Whether or not a refund is issued by a certain tipster is dependant on that individual service. Check the terms and conditions of the service that you signed up for for their policy on refunds

  4.  tipblock is owned by and ran by InplayMan.com and is a registered subsidiary of the company

  5.  When signing up to tipblock and completing the online form, you agree that this information will be shared with all of the tipsters registered with our service.

  6.  Any personal information shared with tipblock will be stored for a limited period of time in accordance with GDPR regulation

For Tipsters

  1.  tipblock reserves the right to accept or deny the requests of any tipster who wishes to join the service

  2.  tipblock reserves the right to remove tipsters from this service should we feel that the protection of customers is not their main concern

  3.  Use of the tipblock.me logo and member stamp is limited to tipsters who are part of the service